What my coaching clients say.


“Working with Larisa at the end of 2021 was the best decision I made in 2021. When I first met with Larisa I was so lost, unmotivated and defeated. Battled COVID in April and was sick for over 6 months. It completely messed with my body and mind. After a few months with Larisa, I feel like the person I was before COVID. Actually, even better. I can’t thank you enough for everything the past few months. It was honestly the best thing I did in 2021. You are such a bright light and I see you changing so many lives.”

Jamie – USA, Jan 2022

“I’ve always wanted to be coached and help point me in the right direction. I’ve always struggled with life and making decisions, so getting help from Larisa was great. I’m grateful that Larisa is my coach. She is such a great person and a complete people person who is a great listener and the best person to talk to.”

Bec – Digital Marketer, Sydney, Sep 2021


“I trusted Larisa’s approach and felt confident there was no judgement in the consultation she provided. Her approach kept the conversation on track to achieve what we needed to, which was fantastic. I wasn’t sure of the benefits of coaching originally, but I went away feeling a sense of clarity, which I’m delighted with.

This clarity has helped me to address a situation that has been troubling me. The realistic goals that Larisa has helped me set present a pathway to work through these issues and progress – as well as holding me accountable.”

Sam – Marketing Manager, Sydney, Aug 2021

“This was a great session, with numerous ‘Aha’ moments. The strongest arising from the visualisation exercise. It allowed me to discover that my ideal job would provide a high degree of choice over what type of work is undertaken. While nothing is off the table yet, I think I moved further towards the idea of creating my dream job through a consultant model rather than waiting for the perfect job to be created. I appreciated several aspects of Larisa’s facilitation. Those include, the space to talk through a complicated background to why I wanted to look for other opportunities. Also, the help with sharpening the goal and the repeated encouragement to think of more options and names. The numerous incisive questions raised my awareness about the benefits of taking a sectoral approach to looking for a job rather than a bog-standard organisational search. The coaching at the end helped deliver a tight action plan for the coming week.”

Andrew – Conservation Director, Brisbane, Feb 2021


“I am 100% at ease with Larisa and she gave me plenty of space to brainstorm and get all my big plans out of my head and onto paper. I feel that she knows me now and knows when I need to keep going in my thoughts or when to step in and guide me again.

Larisa’s manner and question style is warm, engaging and encouraging. She helps me feel safe, which is a big value of mine. It is obvious that we have a great rapport and that I trust Larisa very much. That is a credit to her as we have known each other such a short time. It feels like she is my business coach, which is something I have definitely needed and will continue to need in the future. Hats off to you Larisa!”

Jodi – Entrepreneur, Gold Coast, Dec 2020

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